Program Details

The BrainFlex Interactive Workbook Includes:

Brain Training-Life Long Learning

The 12 lessons included in The BrainFlex interactive Workbook correlate with our online sessions. (However, attending online classes is not necessary.) Each lesson includes three to four activities, with some requiring creativity, (creative problem solving, brainstorming, exercising the imagination, etc.), and others requiring a more structured focus (analytical thinking, logic, reasoning, math, etc.). A life-long learning component (new information), is also incorporated into many of the lessons.  (The purpose of the life-long learning component is to increase cognitive reserves.)


The ‘Why’ behind the program: (Aging Well Discussion Sheets)

  • One ‘Research & Discussion Sheet’, is included with each lesson.  These discussion sheets are based on a variety of interesting topics, including the ‘why’ (research) supporting the activities.  These are also designed to inform, encourage conversation and build cognitive reserves.
  • Other ‘Research and Discussion Sheets’ may focus on subjects such as mental and emotional self-care, the challenges of ‘perception’, the impact of positive vs negative thinking, the ‘why’ behind healthy sleep patterns, healthy vs. non-healthy communication, and the positive impact that self-affirmations can have on our self-confidence, (which we believe is necessary in order to face the challenges associated with aging).


Each workbook contains four brain healthy recipes. (one for each week) Within the recipe, we dive deeper into the nutritional value contained in the recipe's primary ingredient's, as well as the benefits they provide the brain and body. Our goal is for seniors and their family members to have a solid understanding of the impact every food choice has on the brain, body, and's entire well-being.  Since the stomach is considered to be the second brain, we know the vital role it plays in brain function.  This is why nutrition education is a key component to the curriculum that makes up 'The BrainFlex' workbook. (BrainFlex recipes do not require any cooking.)

Hands of the old woman on a black background

Meditation & Prayer

Each monthly workbook includes detailed instructions for a time of prayer and/or meditation. This guide incorporates a variety of visualization techniques focusing on gratitude and self-affirmations, which are also included.  Meditation and prayer have become an integral part of the BrainFlex curriculum as more and more research supports the positive impact it has on the mind and body.  This wonderful 'time-out', is designed to reduce worry and anxiety, and is based on research that the brain and body will typically follow the mind; therefore, it is vital that we think and speak positively. Throughout this time of relaxation, members are encouraged to practice various breathing techniques along with self-affirmations.


Senior on exercise ball with hand weights


Each monthly workbook includes an exercise guide with detailed instructions, along with visuals, which cover a variety of stretching and strengthening exercises.  The goal of each exercise guide is to increase range of motion, strengthen muscles, (especially the core), increase oxygen flow and heartrate, (to safe levels), and boost coordination, as the brain-body connection is reinforced.

Our online class enjoys a fun & energetic time of sitter-size, focused on strengthening the core, range of motion, muscle strengthening and cardio, all to their favorite tunes.