At BrainFlex®, we create an environment that is attentive to individual personalities, and one in which seniors work together to stay mentally sharp.

Positive social interaction is an important part of healthy living, especially as we age. Research studies show that community support leads to an increase in overall wellbeing. Socialization among senior citizens may help prevent depression, and may help slow the progression of cognitive decline. Experiencing cognitive decline can often leave seniors feeling alone. At BrainFlex® Wellness Club, we cultivate an experience that embraces community and positive social circles.

BrainFlex® works to create an environment that encourages seniors to work together to stay mentally sharp, while remaining mindful of individual interests and abilities. As seniors make memories through experiencing new things and walking through challenges together, they create friendships. Friendships and supportive social environments have been shown to encourage a more active lifestyle and improve overall quality of life by improving one’s health and reducing stress.