I would like to thank Brainflex Wellness Club for giving me back my husband.
My husband, James is 54 years old and is a disable veteran who suffers from Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, cognitive disorders and many other health issues stemming from that.  James started with Senior Helper in April of 2016.  One day a staff member from Brainflex called me and said that they would really like to have my husband and I come by and see if we thought BrainFlex Wellness Club might be a beneficial program for James.

Today, I am so very thankful that I said yes to that call.  Brainflex has brought my husband out of his shell.  Prior to attending BrainFlex, he was unable to engage in conversation for any length of time.  This was due to his disease not only causing memory issues, but also making speech more difficult than we had anticipated it would be.

Brainflex is exactly what it stands for “flexing the brain”.  James now looks forward to talking with the other members at BrainFlex and wants to participate in the structured activities, and he does this with no anxiety at all.  He has completely come out of the shell he was in and finally wants to participate in something.  While at BrainFlex, James enjoys a variety of activities such as word puzzles, games for memory, and activities that encourage him to both learn again and to use his thought process; and what is an unexpected ‘pleasant surprise, is that he is not getting discouraged when he cannot remember something, which had previously been the case.  The instructors in the BrainFlex sessions give him so much confidence, that he doesn’t worry or get discouraged when he cannot remember something, such as a word for one of the games they may be playing.  The instructors typically encourage James to take the time he needs to think of it, and because there is no pressure, he finds more success.  I have sat in on numerous sessions and get so excited when I see members of varying ages, (not just my husband), engaging with each other and having fun, all while they are strengthening their brains and their bodies.  (They also have a 30 minute exercise session that involves strengthening, deep breathing, stretches, and relaxation techniques.)

When having a family member with dementia, whether it’s from Alzheimer’s or something like hydrocephalus, it is very disheartening to see them declining, regardless of their age.  Brainflex Wellness Club is able to their members hope as they have a chance to use their brains in a whole different capacity.  The activities they do assist in building new neural pathways, like a ‘rewiring’ of the brain.  This is not just beneficial to their physical being, but it allows them to continue to be part of society regardless of what they are able to remember.
BrainFlex has given my husband a chance again at life again, and now when he is faced with challenging tasks, he no longer looks at me and says “I can’t do it”; instead he says “I’ll give it a try”.   That means the world to me, and it would to any family member who has a loved one that suffers from dementia or other types of brain disorders.  What I hear when James says “I’ll give it a try”, is that he has not given up and this is due to James’ supportive family and friends and to the staff at BrainFlex, who make their members feel that they have hope and that they still matter.


Brain Flex has made such a difference in my mom's life. She looks forward to getting dressed up and looking pretty for her visit to Brainflex. She comes home with her arts and crafts that she had done that day and even picked up coloring now as a full time hobby. She is happier and enjoying her days much more now....the social interaction is so very important to mom as she has no one really to socialize with. Thank you BrainFlex for teaching mom how to still enjoy life.


I am a member of the Brainflex club. This program is very important to my everyday living. Without this class I have no way of engaging myself and learning how to deal with my cognitive and memory issues. This program has given me a chance to reach out and find myself again. I never used to look forward to going out, but I do now, and it started with attending BrainFlex Wellness Club.”


When I first met Ms. Grace, I had gone out to her home to assess her for home care services. Grace was extremely quiet, so much so, that I wondered if I should write down that she was ‘non-verbal’. I initially asked her several questions to get to know her better, and eventually, after repeating the questions, she did respond, however, her responses were slow and delayed. Grace really struggled to remember how to answer my questions and could not remember how many children or how many grandchildren she had, and struggled with their names as well. Throughout the duration of my visit with her, she continually repeated herself to her daughter and was not interested in engaging with me whatsoever. Her daughter informed me that they felt she had dementia, and was far along in its stage. We started providing in home care services for Grace, however it was a struggle from the beginning. She did not want to get out of bed, and there were times that the caregiver would have to call the office and the office would call Grace, and talk her into getting up and letting the caregiver in or the caregiver would have to go around to the back door and keep knocking until Grace decided to get up.

After her time at BrainFlex, Ms. Grace is a whole new woman! She is incredibly social and carries on a conversation without delay or any pause at all. She would initially speak about her past job frequently, but over time, she shared more of her life story and even brought pictures in of her family to show off.  She is an amazing card player and now … anyone who dares play her, is doomed to lose. Her dexterity and processing time is drastically different from our first meeting.  Ms. Grace would normally take 2 hours to get ready and physically get to BrainFlex and this was with someone helping her every morning). Now, she is ready to go on her own and in lightning speed. Ms. Grace is a true testament to the power of the BrainFlex program!


I work for the home health agency that Ms. Graces’ daughter hired to assist her. I was asked to be Ms. Grace ‘s caregiver. There has been a change since I first started caring for Ms. Grace, which started when I began bringing her to BrainFlex. Prior to coming to BrainFlex Wellness Club, she would take a long time time to get up and get ready to go, however now, she is all dressed and ready to by go the time I get there to pick her up. She knows and remembers every Wednesday that she is going to BrainFlex and she is going to have fun.

Horizon Bay

Text BoxLet me first begin my introducing my position. As the Executive Director of multiple senior living communities I take great pride in offering different product lines to families and seniors such as Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care Support. Trying to find solutions for all different levels and acuity in seniors is a challenging, and often, demanding, daily task that many Executive Directors do not take on a personal level, but rather delegate to their activity directors. A solution is a viable program, enrichment, and/or group of individuals that can help increase or provide a better quality of life for my residents whether long term or short term. These solutions must actually have an impact on my residents’ lives, otherwise it’s a waste of their time. At this point their time is so precious that we are working to maximize their life enrichment.

Please allow me the opportunity to enlighten you to the team at the Brainflex Wellness Club located at your Senior Helpers location. This team being put together is the type of solution that an Executive Director can trust to deliver an enriching product to his/her residents. I could go on and on about this team of individuals, but what truly shows through is their passion to bring something to my seniors that no one else does. Being part of the largest senior living solutions provider has numerous resources. One of those we have is our Brain Fit program that is what utilize within our community. To begin with, I thought these were going to be similar. Having the opportunity to watch the Brainflex team in action I have come to realize that not only do they differ, but actually complement each other. I have seen numerous brain programs, but the Brainflex program picks up where my community program leaves off. It has become a staple of our monthly programming features and benefits that my residents are constantly asking when they can return.

If you have any doubts as to the long term viability of Brainflex I would be happy to discuss the benefits that are brought by these women every session they do. Their enthusiasm, creativity, and true caring nature you just can’t find through an “indeed.com” ad. Not only have I made business contacts through Senior Helpers to assist my community’s needs, but my residents have found friends that bring a light to their lives that many haven’t seen in years. I hope that this spectacular program continues to evolve and at some point even gets a mobile application as would be well worth the investment. I am now a true believer in the Brainflex programming and will be working alongside this team to highlight to my local sister communities to bring more awareness and attention to this great group of individuals.
My contact information is below if you would like any more information, details, or would like further discussion on the impact that has been achieved with my residents and communities. I look forward to the continued growth and this team at Brainflex continuing to do extraordinary things with their talents.
All the best,

Executive Director
Character lives here every day.

Clifford D. Edwards

Voluntary testimonial for BrainFlex Wellness Club. Prepared by Clifford D. (Dave) Edwards for my wife Maria (Susy) Scognamiglio Edwards and myself.

When my wife was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s mild to moderate I immediately realized the seriousness of the disease. I started a very extensive research to find the best medical treatment, I chose the Compass Clinic, Ira Goodman MD. I realized there had to be additional treatments other than the medical treatment. I then started an extensive search for other avenues to obtain assistance to extend Susy’s quality and length of life. I attended seminars and meetings geared to assisting the patient and caregiver with the goal of providing a home, at the present home, for an extended period.


When I found BrainFlex Wellness Club I considered their program to be superior to any other I had reviewed. The program as presented was just what my wife needed at the time. Four separate areas are presented in each 3-hour session. The areas are:


This segment has proven to be very valuable since being 80 and 81 years in age our social life is very limited. We do have close relationships with a large family, however, other social activities just do not happen as they did earlier in the military and business world. The first day with the Wellness Club Group ended with several new friends and we were part of the group. The hour of socialization includes and transitions to the next segment.


This segment is the meat of the program. All attendees individually and as a group can work on activities to energize the brain. The brain is analyzed with attention given to the left and right side. These activities are presented by very professional, sincere and caring members of the staff. This part of the program can be very challenging and is very beneficial to the patients and their long-term prognosis.

The above actions furnish the tools for exercising the brain and providing a better feeling for those attending. My wife and myself enjoy and have gained expended our memory and brain power.


This segment is very important for maintain the body to support the bran and memory diseases. ?Healthy recipes are prepared and presented to the group to eat and then slides of individual contents are used to analyze why the food is nutritious and can be used as brain food. Also, foods that are not brain healthy are identified and discussed.


This segment allows for exercise that senior do not usually lacking. Appropriate exercise is led by an excellent instructor. Each patient is allow to perform to their own abilities. Music and games are used to encourage everyone to participate. This segment is usually ended with dancing. I feel this is and will be beneficial to my wife and myself especially preventing falls.

This program is very inclusive in information, material and with this in the program.I can attest
To the benefits that my wife has received and how much she enjoys going to the sessions. I have joined the group so I can be with my wife and observe the real value of the Brainflex Wellness Club.
I find the club to be an outstanding program for those needing stimulus to make life better. I knew we were in an outstanding program when a leading Alzheimer’s Disease physician told me that if I had to take my wife out of the medical or BrainFlex program, stay with the BrainFlex program. He feels that it is more beneficial than the medical program.

BRAINFLEX WELLNESS CLUB IS AND OUTSTANDING PROGRAM. Those members of the organization are the one that make the program. They are all motivated, outstanding, and very professional.