Q: What is BrainFlex®?

A: BrainFlex® is an online Wellness Club that offers three 2- hour sessions per day; Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 10am to 12pm.  Each 2-hour session is based on all four key concepts, with research discussed on a variety of aging well topics. Research continually reveals that if these four key concepts are consistently applied together, seniors can deter many physical issues as well as cognitive decline, for up to 10 years, and even increase the capacity in other areas of the brain.

Q: Is BrainFlex® proven to work?

A: The design of the BrainFlex® program is based on a wide variety of research done across the country.  We have been gathering this research (and continue to gather), since 2014. The outcomes of these studies consistently reveal that both physical and cognitive exercise, healthy nutrition, and healthy social connections, have the ability to enhance neurogenesis in the brain.

Q: What activities are included in the sessions?

A: Activities will be created based on the four key concepts above.  Click on the The Concepts tab.

Q: How do I know if the program is making a difference?

A: The primary goal is to slow physical and cognitive decline.  Of course, there are many variables that impact the effectiveness of the program, with the most important being the commitment to apply the BrainFlex® concepts to their life.  (every day)

Important Note: Members (or their families) have the option of adding an ‘Action Plan’ to their membership.  This plan is customized just for them, and includes measurable goals for each concept, with an initial assessment, as well as on-going assessments, every 90 days, all completed by a nurse, with whom our members will be able to contact when necessary.  (For more information about this service, click on the ‘About Nursing Services’ tab.)

Q: Is there a contract?

A: No, there is not a contract.  When members join BrainFlex® Wellness Club, they choose one of three options, (one, two or three sessions per week.)  The fee for the program chosen will be charged at the beginning of each month for that month.