Q: What is BrainFlex™?

A: BrainFlex™ is a Wellness Club that offers three 3- hour sessions per day; Monday through Friday.  Each 3-hour session is based on all four key concepts. Research has shown that if these four key concepts are consistently applied together, we can potentially deter the progression of dementia for up to 10 years, and even increase the capacity in other areas of the brain.

Q: Is BrainFlex™ proven to work?

A: BrainFlex™ has been designed based on a wide variety of research gathered by our staff over 18 months. Research continually supports the idea of increased cognitive functioning when nutrition, socialization, exercise, and brain training are consistently applied together. The brain continues to grow new neurons and synapses, which helps to keep the brain active and healthy. Both physical and cognitive exercise, along with socialization, and nutrition, all have the ability create new pathways and enhance neurogenesis in the brain.

Q: Is BrainFlex™ similar to an adult day program?

A: Yes, it is similar in many ways, however unlike a day program, our members are actively engaged during the session. BrainFlex™ is not a healthcare service and our members make a personal choice to attend and may leave if they desire to do so. BrainFlex™ is similar to a Senior Center or a Gym, with an intentional focus on “Senior Wellness”.

Q: What activities are included in the sessions?

A: Activities will be created based on the four key concepts above. Some examples include restorative art, a variety of crafts for men and women, age appropriate dance and fitness classes, as well as active and static stretching. Social time includes various trivia topics, restorative music, memory games, and creative ways of educating our members on the importance of brain healthy eating.

Q: Do the activities differ based on the cognitive abilities of the members?

A: Members of BrainFlex Wellness Club™ attend the sessions which are appropriate for their specific cognitive level. This allows us to tailor the activities to our member’s abilities and needs. Session appropriateness is determined during our intake process, during which time, our BrainFlex™ consultant will also help prospective members understand their challenges and establish goals.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: The sessions are 3 hours long, however members are welcome to come as early as 9:45 am and stay till 1:30 pm.

Q: Can my loved one come late or leave early for the session(s)?

A: We are happy to meet the needs of a busy schedule. Your loved one can join a session late, or leave early with reliable transportation.

Q: What if my loved one is incontinent?

A: We ask that if incontinence is a concern, members wear the appropriate incontinent products and also have extra with them. The staff at BrainFlex™ will discreetly assist your loved one with matters such as incontinence.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: No, there is not a contract. Payments for the BrainFlex™ sessions are paid at the beginning of each month for that month.

Q: Are there other benefits to being a member of the BrainFlex Wellness Club™?

A: As members of BrainFlex Wellness Club™, you will have open invitations to all of our evening and weekend educational and community events. Members will receive a monthly calendar so they can plan to attend the events that interest them.