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BrainFlex Wellness Club | Orlando, FL | 407-699-0050

BrainFlex Wellness Club™ - Orlando

BrainFlex Wellness Club™ is a place where seniors can link arms together in the fight against dementia. Whether simply to gather with other seniors to strengthen the brain and body or because there have been reoccurring issues causing concern, BrainFlex Wellness Club™ has a place for anyone who wants to be proactive about brain health.

The BrainFlex™ approach is based on four key concepts.  These concepts are Brain Training, Brain Nutrition, Exercise and Socialization.  Research supports that when these four concepts are consistently applied together, they have the potential to deter the progression of dementia.

BrainFlex™ is located inside Senior Helpers in Winter Park Village.  We are open Tuesday through Friday with morning and afternoon sessions available. Each three-hour session incorporates all four concepts. Members are encouraged to attend at least two sessions a week.

Call (407) 699-0050 today for more information about BrainFlex™ Wellness Club.

Mission Statement Working together to create a proactive approach to brain health and wellness by providing a program that incorporates socialization, exercise, brain training and brain healthy eating, in an effort to help seniors maintain and improve brain health and quality of life.

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BrainFlex™ Key Concepts


Positive social interaction among senior citizens has been shown to deter cognitive impairment associated with dementia symptoms. The lack of social support our senior citizens face today has been linked to a decline in overall health and well-being.


Brain Training

Brain Training encompasses strategies related to memory, spatial awareness, reasoning skills and multi-tasking, all which assist seniors in their ability to remain independent in the many activities required for daily living.

Brain Nutrition

The nutrients that the brain requires differs as we age, however most researchers wholeheartedly agree  that healthy eating plays a key role in the brain’s cognitive ability as well as its resistance to cognitive decline.


Regular exercise increases blood flow to the brain, therefore encouraging cell growth and improving overall cognitive function.

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