Art as a Mechanism of Expression for Individuals with Alzheimer’s

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Art as a Mechanism of Expression When Verbal Skills Fail I by: Parentgiving When Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia cause a loved one to lose the ability to speak, the lack of communication may become frustrating to the family members and, presumably, to the patient. Researchers have found that art can be used […]

Mind Diet – Part 1

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A Diet Might Cut the Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s Researchers spent two years developing the MIND diet, which includes many brain-healthy foods like berries and greens. The MIND diet was developed by researchers al Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center, whose recent study found that certain foods could help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Sumalhi […]

Harnessing Neuroplasticity

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To Harness Neuroplasticity, Start with Enthusiasm By: Dr. Helena Popovic We are the architects and builders of our own brains. For millennia, however, we were oblivious to our enormous creative capabilities. We had no idea that our brains were changing in response to our actions and attitudes, every day of our lives. So we unconsciously […]

Exercise Makes You Smarter

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All Exercise Benefits Your Brain The stimulation to the brain, created by exercise directly effects the brain function in the several ways, for example, it reduces cortisol in the brain, the stress hormone, letting you think more clearly. ln addition, it produces dopamine, an active neurotransmitter that affects your movement control and your state of […]

Executive Function

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The term executive function describes a set of cognitive abilities that control and regulate other abilities and behaviors. Executive functions are necessary for goal directed behavior. They include the ability to initiate and stop actions, to monitor and change behavior as needed, and to plan future behavior when faced with novel tasks and situations. Executive […]

Brain Plasticity: How learning changes your brain

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By: Dr. Pascale Michelon In addition to genetic factors, the environment in which a person lives, as well as the actions of that person, play a role in plasticity. Neuroplasticity occurs in the brain: 1- At the beginning of life: when the immature brain organizes itself. 2- In case of brain injury: to compensate for […]

Brain Healthy Activities Increase the Brain’s Vital Functions

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In numerous research studies, brain healthy activities have been proven to actually delay cognitive impairment and even Alzheimer’s Disease Every 5.7 seconds a new case of dementia in the world Every 57 seconds someone is diagnosed with AD Any kind of stress can create problems with our memory and destroy neural pathways Your Brain’s Vital […]

The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains

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By: Alvaro Fernandezblack and white brain Let’s review some good lifestyle options we can follow to maintain, and improve, our vibrant brains. 1. Learn what is the “It” in “Use It or Lose It”. A basic understanding will serve you well to appreciate your brain’s beauty as a living and constantly-developing dense forest with billions […]