Brain Training

Brain Plasticity refers to our brain’s capacity to learn and change throughout our lifetime through the continual production of new brain cells and the creation of new neural pathways. The brain’s amazing ability to continuously reorganize itself by developing new neural pathways and producing new brain cells is the foundation on which our brain training activities were created. By challenging the brain to learn new things, or relearn tasks and abilities that may have been lost, it has the potential to rebuild itself.

The BrainFlex® team has developed programming that includes tasks and activities that involve memory, spatial awareness, logic, reasoning, and multitasking, as well as activities that encourage creativity. Programming such as this is designed to strengthen and develop neural connections in the brain. This level of engagement leads to increased clarity of thought and higher self-confidence as members are reminded of how much they know and can accomplish. Research supports that brain training activities, combined with our other three concepts: socialization, nutrition, and exercise, will improve quality of life and may also improve of overall cognitive function.