Senior older man performing stretching exercises before gym workout

Exercise: As you know, exercise has many benefits, including boosting brain cell production, reducing depression, and strengthening muscles, which can contribute to a reduction in falls and injuries, thus helping your patients maintain their independence.

Social Connections: Your patients will also have several opportunities to connect with other seniors online.  First, our BrainFlex online session offered through the Maturing Minds program, (from Advent Hospital), is available the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 10:30 am to 11:30 am.  Although space is limited, BrainFlex does offer weekly online sessions.  (Feel free to have your patient call us or contact us via the website 'contact us' tab.) Coming August 1st, 2020, the BrainFlex Wellness website will have a member portal available, which will provide even more activities, educational information and also provide resources and support for family caregivers.

Senior couple using reusable shopping bags to bring home their groceries. Isolated on white.


Nutrition is a vital part of our program, which will reinforce your message regarding the importance of healthy eating habits.  Your patients will be provided with a new recipe each week that's healthy for both the brain and body. Our recipes outline the nutritional value of each ingredient, while also providing a thorough explanation about how the nutrients equip their bodies to 'age well'. (Each recipe is simple to make and no cooking/baking is required.)


Brain Training: Our BrainFlex interactive workbooks are available through us or on Amazon, with a new workbook posted each month.  The curriculum is designed for seniors to complete three sessions a week, over a four week period, however seniors can choose to complete the workbook at their own pace.  The content provides interactive activities, recipes, exercises, and great conversation boosters too! It’s also fun for seniors to do by themselves, in their downtime or with a group of friends. Each workbook goes well beyond the normal activities typically found in a ‘brain training’ workbook. Based on the concept of ‘brain plasticity, ‘The BrainFlex' workbook, challenges seniors to continue learning new things, using creative, (outside of the box), thinking, while also using logic and reason to solve a variety of day to day problems seniors either have faced or are still facing.  The activities allow for self-expression and spark innovative thoughts and ideas.  Brain healthy recipes are a part of each weekly lesson, along with detailed nutritional information about their ingredients, and why they are so important to the brain and body. ‘Research and Discussion’ sheets are included in each lesson, giving seniors the ‘why’ behind the activities as well as the opportunity to stretch their minds and stay informed about various issues related to ‘aging well’. Guides for exercise, meditation/prayer, deep breathing and self-affirmations are also included. Workbooks begin with an action plan seniors create with their families (and/or doctor), and each week they have the opportunity to journal what steps they have taken towards reaching the goals in their action plan, which are structured around the four pillars of ‘aging-well’. (Nutrition, Brain Training, Social Connections, & Exercising/Meditation & Prayer.) This is also a great way for doctors to track the lifestyle choices of their patients.