Reboot Your Brain

Memory loss does not have to be a runaway train. Research continues to support the brain’s capacity to learn throughout one’s lifetime; this process is called ‘brain plasticity.’ New neural pathways are created when we learn new tasks, or relearn tasks we may have forgotten how to do. This means it is never too late to start exercising your brain.

Our goal at BrainFlex® Wellness Club is healthy aging and living well. We help seniors accomplish this through a carefully designed program that incorporates four key concepts:

Whether you just want to be proactive about brain health or are already experiencing cognitive decline, we have a place for you!


Positive social interaction increases the overall well-being of our seniors, while encouraging them to have a more active social lifestyle. Socialization helps prevent depression, and may help slow the progression of cognitive decline.

Brain Training

Brain Training utilizes memory, spatial awareness, reasoning skills, & multi-tasking exercises to help retrain your brain and process information, which can help seniors maintain independence in their daily lives.

Brain Nutrition

Healthy eating plays a key role in the brain’s cognitive ability & its resistance to cognitive decline. Our cooking program focuses on teaching seniors how to prepare healthy meals that promote good nutrition.


Regular exercise helps strengthen your body and improves blood flow, which can support and improved cognitive functioning. Our targeted exercise program focuses on strengthening and stretching the muscles you need to complete everyday tasks.